About the Baha’i Blogging Challenge

The Baha’i Blogging Challenge is where we challenge ourselves by posting Baha’i-inspired content on the web every day for 30 days.


Because sometimes we’re more motivated when there’s a deadline.

Because sometimes limitations foster creativity.

Because sometimes difficult is more fun.

Because sometimes we’d like to try something new, but only in the company of friends.

Because sometimes we have to create the content we’d like to see.

Because sometimes we need to do something a lot in order to improve.

Because sometimes intensity builds community.

Also, just because.


November 1-30.


You. Folks who are part of, associated with, or inspired by the Baha’i Faith and also use the internet.


Find out more here: How to participate in the Baha’i Blogging Challenge

Note: This isn’t an official activity of any Baha’i community, it’s just a group of friends who wanted to challenge themselves. We will probably mess stuff up sometimes, and hopefully learn a thing or five in the process.