How to participate in the Baha’i Blogging Challenge


Step 1: Decide to participate. Commit to creating some piece of content about the Faith and sharing it online every day in November.

Step 2: Pick your platform. If you already have a blog, use that. If you don’t, getting started with a freebie WordPress site (like this one) is easy. If you’re really more of a microblogger focused on Instagram, Twitter, or another platform, you can definitely stick to that. Length is not the goal here, consistency is. If you have a YouTube channel, a podcast, a Mastodon … whatever they’re called, you’re definitely part of this too.

Step 3: Let us know! Share your blog’s name and URL in this document so we know where to look for your contributions.

Step 4: On November 1, start blogging. The goal is to share one post a day. (Of course, if you work ahead and schedule posts for later, we won’t know the difference. Good on you for planning in advance!)

Step 5: Share your posts with others. Post them on your favorite social media, email them to your friends, whatever works for you. Use the hashtag #bahaiblogging.

Step 6: Read others’ content and comment, share, and respond. Share the #bahaiblogging love and remember that we’re engaged in a conversation that wraps around the world.

Step 7: Keep going for 30 days. You can do this!