November 2018 is coming. Are you ready to blog with us?

Confused about what the Baha’i Blogging Challenge is all about? We’re a group of folks who want to get more practice sharing content inspired by the Baha’i Faith online. Yes, some of us are more traditional bloggers, as the name suggests. But it’s also a space for artists, vloggers, podcasters, poets, musicians, book reviewers, snapchat aficionados, twitter tweeple, and instafolks to elevate the conversations they’re having on the interne, and to support and accompany one another along the way.

Interested in joining us? We’re getting started on the 1st of November. Learn more here.

Some tips for newbies

  • If you get stuck, grab a prompt.
  • If you need advice, ask the group.
  • Links to participants are in the sidebar.
  • If you’re not in the sidebar, don’t forget to sign up.
  • Hashtags only work as one word without punctuation. #BahaiBlogging gets you this, while #Baha’iBlogging gets you links about the Bahamas and Baha cochlear implants.
  • You can use more than one hashtag. #Bahai or #education or #YourTownName or #Thanksgiving or whatever. Just make sure it’s pertinent.
  • If you post pictures, describe them so that our blind friends using screen readers can also enjoy your content.
  • You can actually write posts in advance and schedule them to post on a day in the future when you know you’ll be too busy to write.
  • (If you need help with learning how to do this, ask the group.)
  • If you don’t know how to explain a concept in a way that makes sense to friends who don’t have much exposure to the Faith, there’s an excellent chance it’s been described in brief and beautiful language here.
  • If you discover a mistake, you can always go back and edit it.
  • Don’t forget we’re all learning.
  • Don’t forget to have fun.
  • You got this.

It’s almost time …

Are you excited?

We’ve got tutors, children’s class teachers, and devotional hosts. We’ve got youth and parents, artists and poets, professional bloggers and total newbies from multiple countries and continents.

Let’s see this unity in diversity in action.

One more day until #bahaiblogging begins!


There are no blog police.

What if I don’t succeed at posting every day?

There are no blog police.

What if I’m not a great writer?

There are no blog police.

What if I like to write about social issues from a Baha’i-inspired perspective, rather than explicitly Baha’i subject matter?

There are no blog police.

What if I only like to write poetry?

There are no blog police.

What if I write about some really challenging issues, like racism or domestic violence?

There are no blog police.

What if I mostly write jokes?

There are no blog police.

What if I’m not a registered Baha’i?

There are no blog police.

What if I want to write in a language besides English?

There are no blog police.

What if my life is super boring and I worry nobody will find it interesting except my own mother, and maybe not even her?

There are no blog police.

What if I’m only hearing about this in the middle of the month and there is just a week left to participate?

There are no blog police.

What if I have deeply-held opinions about the use of the Oxford comma?

Aaah, the blog police are coming to get you!

Oh wait, that was the grammar police. There are no blog police. Go ahead and sign up to participate.